Posted: Saturday, March 27, 2010 by Greg in Labels:

Google Analytics tells me I actually have some pretty regular readers in the UK. (That's awesome. You guys own.) I also have a pretty decent sized niche in New York, which is also pretty tight. For the England crowd, this might be something you already know about. But for New York peoples, it's probably news to you, and it's coming your way soon. Everyone else, just appreciate the epic. It's the dopest concept I have ever heard, and I am infinitely jealous that I can't take part in it yet.

The new ill shit in England is Rebel Bingo. Yes, bingo, the game with numbered balls in a huge tumbler that you use to mark squares on a card. The one your grandparents are playing at this very moment. Except they took Bingo, made it an alcoholic, gave it three piercings and got it laid. This is the single coolest thing I have seen in a long, long time. The actual times and locations of RB events are kept secret to the last minute (I miss raves right now) so law authorities can't shut them down. Thats right, this is so badass the cops are after them AHEAD of time.

Rebel Bingo is essentially an underground dance club network that just happens to play bingo while they drink, dance, party etc. Check out the photo section on their website, this isn't just a handfull of people sitting around. They pack warehouses regularly, in five different cities across England. And from the looks of it, not one person in the building is ever sitting still. Ever.

The entry code is hilarious. "No old people." "No suits." "No Boring People." I'd kill to see someone get turned away at the door for general suck-at-life status. Scratch that, I'd kill to be the one doing the turning away. New dream job right there.

Basically, if you live in England and you somehow didn't know, get on that shit. If you live in New York, do me a favor and go on their opening night. It's May 21, and tickets are on sale now on their website. I just need to live vicariously through one of you before it gets to the West Coast.


  1. floreta says:

    philippines represent!! this bingo seems real interesting.. i always associate it to dull old ladies so what a concept!