It's Only Fitting

Posted: Friday, March 26, 2010 by Greg in

Anybody who first found me at my weekly collaboration blog Klean Up Your Act already knows how I feel about frivolously wasting URLs. Long story short for whoever doesn't know, that blog actually has an official nemesis. Her name is Tanya Parker. She took the URL for, posted on it twice (with horrible grammar) and then abandoned it. Hence, we had to use a K. Boom, nemesis.

Is it a stretch? Maybe. But is it a valid reason for spite? Absolutely. As much as I want this blog to have a designated enemy, this case is just too pitiful for hate. I named this little venting-post 'Check Ya Self!' mainly because I start a high percentage of my sentences with "Yo check it...", and I happen to be a huge Ice Cube fan. It just kind of rolls off your tongue, and its pretty tight I have a default theme song.

Once again however, I was forced to settle on a second choice URL. This time, its too funny to be mad even. Go ahead, look. It's great.

I would LOVE to meet whoever did this. First off, unlike Tanya this genius never even made it to post #1. Which means he took the time to sign up for the account, check the availabilty of the URL, set up a template... and they was all set. Thats a lot like setting up everything required to make a sandwich, then leaving it on the counter and going back to bed. Really?

The cherry on top, however, is that for whatever reason he/she was suddenly inspired to attempt proper grammar, just moments after being too edgy to spell correctly. "Check your self, fool." What, NOW the word 'ya' is beneath you? And as much as I love the effort, you can pump the brakes on the space bar homie, yourself is one word. Honestly, how redeeming could this whole process have been? "I made a blog today! Maybe tommorow I'll open up a window!" Low expectations people, they do happen.

So no, this nameless person shall not be my nemesis. I will have plenty of targets to snipe from here. Instead, I think he shall be my mascot. Whoever he is, he's reppin for me now.

Check your selves, fools.


  1. Jill says:

    lol you're funny.
    I say "rep it" all the time and get judged for it !

  1. Kylee says:

    you should've tried or

    "you can pump the brakes on the space bar homie"

    I love it.