Left or Right: Funny Is Funny

Posted: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 by Greg in

I try to say as little as possible about politics, because you really only make enemies doing so. I'm also not so concieted as to believe my beliefs should apply to anyone else, but that's a different story. In this case however, the only underlying theme is 'awesome' which I think we can all appreciate. I had heard a few days ago Vice President Biden had been caught on air telling the President something was "a big fucking deal." That's cool, I mean we all have a slip of the tongue, but there's really nothing to it that's notably funny. Until now.

If you didn't know, The VP was introducing El Presidente after the health care reform bill was passed. As usual, this involved a lot of standing and clapping, with some camera flashes thrown in for effect. As Biden handed over the podium, the two bro-hugged it out like boys will do. I honestly have watched the video five times and barely caught it on the fifth run. For whatever reason, Joey B indeed decided to tell Obama the reform bill was "a big fucking deal" during their man-embrace. What his motivation was, I will never know. Barack did whisper something first, so maybe it was just his response to that. Who knows, the guy is old, let him have some slack.

Since then, the media blew it up, and it had the chance to turn into a huge Bush-like embarassment. Whoever the damage control representatives are in the White House are clearly both hilarious and awesome, as their moves since then have illustrated.

First, almost immediately after it happened, the White House Press Secretary tweeted "Yes, Mr. Vice President. Your right..." That's awesome. Back your guy up, and do it with some humor. But thats not all. Just click the link below, and what shows up should pretty much speak for itself. Don't care what side your on, this administration's got some jokes.